Aguerra Prime usually referred to simply as Aguerra is a small peaceful world in the Aguerra System.

Environment & EcologyEdit

The planet is mostly covered with water, leaving only a few peaks of land above the surface. The water of the planet is poisonous, its beauty and tranquility are unrivaled when when one wishes to simply kick back and enjoy the view and the sound of the gentle lapping waves. This is not a place where you'll be bothered by noisy swimmers and splashing children.

Native LifeEdit

There are a few forms of native life known, before consuming any of the native sea-life as food it needs to be de-toxified.

Culture & ColonizationEdit

Recently it was colonized by people with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, the people came together to work the treacherous deep sea mines.

This created a teeming community on the few, small, densely populated islands. Neighbors live close enough to converse through their windows without raising their voice, though they don't seem to realize that.

The undercurrent of resentment that normally accompanies these tight living conditions is easily concealed by the openly offered 'friendly' advice that is loudly exchanges in passing on a regular basis.

The main source of income on Aguerra comes from the deep sea mining of the mineral Sicherite and orthorhombic crystals that contain Thallium which is used to produce Heim-drive coils, the longest lasting drive coils available. The mines are incredibly dangerous environments containing large pockets of toxic vapor.

The restaurants on Aguerra are said to be one of a kind, an adventure in dining! It is described as an experience you will sure not want to miss.



  • In Assault on Dark Athena is is possible to unlock a encyclopedic entry on the planet giving detailed information about it. This article also provides an image which appears to be a slightly modified picture of Earth.
  • Concept art from Assault on Dark Athena provided as in-game collectibles indicate a world with much more depth than was shown in game. Featuring underwater bases, and water-spouting predators.