A creature presumably native to the dark planet M-344/G. They are large extremely predatory creatures possible responsible for the death of most life on the surface.


The creatures are blind, seeing through a form of echo-location, they do however have a blind-spot that can be exploited. They only come out in times of darkness, the light has a profound physical effect on them seeming to actually damage their flesh.


The creatures fly in swarms, even the young are a deadly threat.


The creatures emerge roughly every 22 years during eclipses that cause the entire planet to be shrouded in darkness. They apparently killed off most surface life and now seem to survive mostly by cannibalizing their own.

After the Hunter Gratzner incident DNA material was recovered from the crash site. The Substance found was a blue, viscous substance originally thought to be a by-product of fule burn-off from the ship. But initial testing suggested the body-fluid of some vertebrate animal.

The material was forwarded to the Newtonian Institute for further testing and possible regeneratoin of the life form in a question using base DNA. If all went well, they should have a viable embryo in a day or two.


  • The creatures are never named Bioraptors in any source, this is simply the name fans of the series have adopted over the years.