Butcher Bay is a triple-max penal colony on a harsh desert planet located in the Thelriss System.

The PlanetEdit


The planet Butcher Bay is located on (name unknown) is a mostly desert world, this is one of the defenses of the prison. If anyone escapes or attempts to escape there is nowhere for them to go.

Native LifeEdit

There seems to be a number of native life-forms on this planet, some seem obviously native while others are possibly transplants.


The prison is run by Hoxie, and Abbot is his right-hand man. There are also gangs that operate within the prison, two of the known gangs are the Aquilas and the Blueskins.



The prison is more akin to a penal colony, it seems to have many buildings and many different structures that compose it as a whole. There are three separate wings for prisoners. Each wing has a different level of security.


The Single Max wing of the prison is the lowest security wing, thus it has the fewest number of defenses. It is devided into three cell-blocks A, B, and C. A-block is mostly dominated by the Aquilas, run by Rust. There is an infirmary in this part of the prison.

Sometimes prisoners are thrown into the pit, it would seem the fall typically kills prisoners. If the fall is survived though it is possible to reach the staff quarters through here.

The pit is a large area beneath the single-max wing that is mostly inhabited by the Dwellers which appear to be feral prisoners gone mad. There is only one known sapient inhabitant of this area Pope Joe.






Guards' QuartersEdit

Also known as Narc Land and Pigsville by the inmates of the prison. Here is where most of the staff has quarters, there also seems to be a population of well-behaved prisoners that earned the right to live here by revealing secrets to the guards.


  • The planet is never given a name distinct from the penal colony on it.