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"If I owned this place and hell, I would rent it out and live in hell."

Crematoria is a harsh planet within the Igneon System, it is home to the dreaded Crematoria Slam Facility.


The planet orbits close to its sun with a 52 hour day, the light side of the planet reaches temperatures averaging at about 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and on the night side it can get as cold as -300 degrees Fahrenheit.


The planets surface seems to be completely unlivable, but it does have an atmosphere breathable by humans, and in fact the Slam Facility on the planet frequently has to let fresh air in for the inmates.


Native Life(?)[]

There does not seem to be an abundance of native life, the Hellhounds are imported from a distant world, but the origins of the Crematorian Arthropod and Sysmoss are completely unknown potentially indicating that they are native.