The Crematoria Slam Facility was a subterranean prison facility constructed on the planet Crematoria a planet in the Igneon System one of the most inhospitable worlds known.


The hanger in which prisoners are brought to the world is located 29.4 kilometers away from the main prison facility and is accessed via a subterranean railway. The prisoners have to be lowered into the prison area where they are left to roam around, watched from above by the guards. Periodically the top part of the prison is raised to the planet's surface to let in fresh air.



The Crematoria Slam Facility had a guard compliment of 17 individuals, they all appeared to be Russian in origin. They had a number of tools to keep the order their primary weapons were Maulsticks and T90-646 Automatic Rifles, and they had a number of Hellhounds in their possession which are released into the prison population when lock down is needed.