"The Athena, lady of sin that lit up my life. Listen... She's serenading us, the dark angel of the abyss... harmony."
—Unknown mercenary aboard the Athena

Dark Athena is the name of an enormous mercenary ship, captained by Gale Revas.




The ship is a military class vessel equipped with state of the art weapons technology, and a crew of 235 mercenaries. When the ship was purchased by Senate it saw extensive refit. He mounted the ship with hundreds of Shipbuster Cannons, hundreds of Relayer Guns, and a squadron of dogfighters. There is also a grappling hook to snare smaller ships.


The Dark Athena began her career as the Bellocka MV. It was built at the Katlin shipyard outside Tangier-6 before the Wailing Wars. She was later purchased by Irvin Senate and his merc corporation. The ship was refitted and renamed 'The Locust' .

Under SenateEdit

Senate had big plans for The Locust. He refitted and re-armed the ship, and planned to dominate the region of lawlessness near the Outerzone. Senate appointed his close friend and ally, Yoto, to be his XO, knowing the man could be trusted completely with the ship and his crew.

Under RevasEdit

Eventually Gale Revas was able to take over the ship, by poisoning both Senate and Yoto, causing them to go insane. She renamed the ship Dark Athena in memory of her mother.

Spinner became the new Executive Officer, the underground fight club between crew members became much more rampant (with Iron Lord as the undisputed king), the thorough screening process was all but dropped leading to a much more vicious bunch of mercenaries, and most infamously the Drones were created.



  • Yoto (previously crew)