Sad Eyes

Desiria "Sad Eyes" Grinder is a volatile woman, a member of the Blueskins. She is described as the kind of person who makes everybody around her feel uncomfortable, even her friends.


She wasnt always the way she is, during most of her childhood she stuck to the shadows and rarely talked too anyone. As her own mother was too strung out on helixin, she lived with her grandmother who used and abused her for her own purposes.

Her grandmother treated Desiria as nothign more than a tool, talking to her in a manner that emphasized her detachment "little girl make any money for her grandma today?" for example.

When the Blueskins found grinder wandering through their territory they beat her nearly to death. Since she lived, they invited her to join the gang, she accepted. As part of her initiation she was renames "Sad Eyes". The blueskins showed her more respect than anybody else ever had. So she devoted her life to the gang.

Eventually she returned to her grandmothers home with her gang, and they beat the old woman to death with nail-stubbed clubs, not stopping until every bone in her body was broken.

She eventually found herself on the Dark Athena held captive alongside the former crew members and other prisoners captured by the mercs. Her first impulse upon seeing Riddick was to insult him having heard from Bonner of him killing several of her Blueskin brothers at Butcher Bay.

Sad-Eyes seemed pretty confident that she could take Riddick on. Upon being released she managed to escape death by the merc squads that killed most of the escaped prisoners. Unfortunately she ran into Riddick who ended her life pretty easily.


  • Sad-Eyes is the only known female member of the Blueskin gang.