The Lord Marshal is the leader of the Necromongers, it is only these necromongers who have ever made a pilgrimage to the underverse.

Becoming Lord MarshalEdit

To become the Lord Marshal one needs to kill the previous, or be chosen by the previous before their death. The first action of a lord marshal is to take a pilgrimmage to the underverse.


Because of the Lord Marshal's pilgrimage to the underverse they have strange and unusual powers. They are seemingly half alive, and half dead, with their souls only partially attached to their souls proceeding them in movement they are capable of tearing the souls from other people. Because of the disparity between their astral and physical self both need to be killed in order for a Lord Marshall to die.

Lord MarshalsEdit

  1. Covu the Transcended
  2. Oltovm the Builder
  3. Naphemil the Navigator
  4. Baylock the Brutal
  5. Kryll
  6. Zhylaw the Last
  7. Riddick


  • It apparently took twelve hours to sew the armor onto the Lord Marshal costume.