M6-117 is the designation of the planet that the Hunter Gratzner crash landed on. It is the second and only habitable planet in the M-344/G system.


The planet is primarily desert, with three suns constantly pelting the planet with light from all sides. The surface is largely cinder and gypsum with some evaporite deposits, there is very little water, and oxygen is lower than the preferred level for humans.

Total EclipsesEdit

Roughly every 22 years the planets in the star system align in a way to produce a prolonged eclipse upon shrouding the planet in the dark. It is unknown how long this darkness lasts exactly, but during this time the fierce Bioraptors swarm.

Native LifeEdit

The vast majority of surface-life seems to have been wiped out by the apex predators on the planet, some life survives though, and some of the extinct life is particularly noteworthy.


There was once a geological research station set up on this planet