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The Mud Demons are an incredibly deadly predatory species from the world known simply as Not Furya.


Mud Demons are venomous, amphibious, bipedal creatures resembling raptors with no arms. They have sharp talons on their legs and a scorpion-like tail armed with pincers and a retractable stinger in the middle, which they use to impale their prey. Their tails have adapted into snorkels through the use of two breathing holes at the top.

Even though they are strong agile creatures, capable of taking down larger prey, Mud Demons are incapable of leaving their source of water for extended periods of time, due to their skin requiring constant hydration.

Mud Demons vary in size, young Mud Demons can be as small as a large lizard and can grow up to the size of an adult Alien Jackal. Males are seen to have red stripes throughout their entire body while females have one solid color scheme [1].


They lie in wait, at the bottom of mud pools, waiting for unsuspecting prey to take a drink before they ambush.

Mud Demons are also able to use their tails as lures to attract their prey, making it seem like the tail is the head of the Mud Demon, waiting until the victim is within biting range of their venomous fangs.

During rain season, a vast number of Mud Demons emerge from their hiding spots to hunt as a swarm out in the open.