Goliath Holdings Soliton Compressed Air Rifle, or SCAR gun. The SCAR gun can be used for a multitude of purposes, from mining operations to crowd control.

Function & UsageEdit

The weapon is versatile, effective, and easy to maintain and use. To plant charges carefully aim the gun at a target position and fire. Due to galactic trading standards the SCAR gun may only fire five live rounds at one time.

Firing more rounds will deactivate the oldest placed round to allow to rounds to be used. To detonate your placed charges, simply press the detonate button on the gun. For safety purposes any un-detonated charges will automatically expire after a certain amount of time, rendering them useless.

Full body armor suits are available that can shield the user from a single SCAR gun round. Such suits come only in the color red to differentiate them from other, less effective suits of armor. These can be purchased separately at any Goliath Holdings retailer.

Safety GuidelinesEdit

Extreme caution must be exercised when detonating live charges.Please be certain there are no civilians, children, expensive property or domesticated animals in or near the blast area.

Note: Goliath Holdings cannot be held responsible for any mishaps, casualties, disfigurations, or other related damages caused by the improper use of the weapon.


  • Assault on Dark Athena, Bonus Content and Manuel. The game manual says that the term SCAR stands for "Sonic Compressor Assault Rifle" this is discredited by the game itself.