The Hunt For Riddick is a promotional point-and-click flash game on the Riddick official website where the player plays a rookie mercenary.

Aerons Intro

The game begins with an introduction by Aeron, she discusses the necromongers and their nature, this being one of the first introductions to the concepts of The Chronicles of Riddick.

By the superstitious, they are called "The Hood of the Devil."

By those who lose contact with loved ones on distant worlds, never knowing why, their name is "The Great Silence."

By those who have seen the towering statues left behind on dead planets, they are simply called "The End."

But all can agree on this: The Necromongers are a plague that now sweeps through the ever-dwindling worlds of man.

Were they once men themselves? Are they still men? And do they think of themselves as part of the grand error they have devoted themselves to eradicating? Can this really be their faith?

Hard to say. Even I, one of the few people to have ever encountered a Necromonger and lived to speak of it, even I don't pretend to fathom them. Truly, you must be a Necromonger before you can understand the Necromonger way.

Yet there's one thing I do know,one thing I calculate to be true. There is a balance to everything in the universe, and the balance to the Necromongers is Furyan.

Now how many Furyans still exist...where they might be found...if they could be compelled to act...well, these are questions that the whole universe now hinges on.

If you have answers please seek me out, my name is Aereon.


Meet Toombs

The Hunt Begins

Planet UV


The game was created by Brian Murray, flash design and primary set up, and contributing many of the images. Based on an idea by David Twohy. With some Flash programming by Joe Dean, and additional images from, Scott Willis, and Joe Dean. And the introduction narrated by Judi Dench!